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Rob Homewood, Marisa Tapper,Iman Farhanieh, Carlos González Díaz
Physically Interactive Digital Game, 2015. Computer, PS Move, PS Eye, Oculus Rift

Between is a short and physically interactive digital game with an emphasis on replayability and narrative focussed exploration. Our approach to the theme of “Fragmentation” wields the myth of reincarnation as an expression of consciousness experiencing itself. A soul experience spliced into life shaped pieces and distributed across time and space.

As a recently deceased human spirit you are traveling up a “tunnel of white” (often claimed by people who have near “death experiences”) into a state of nirvana. Your life is flashing before your eyes and you have the chance to forgive and accept the events of your life. If you are unable to pass through each of the chakra gates, you must fall back down to the earth plane, live a new life and return to the a afterlife to attempt ascension once again.

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