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Trine Laier, Mads Lyngvig Jespersen, Lise Saxtrup, Bjørn Svin Video Game, 2015. Playable Documentary for iOS and Android Tablets

Cosmic Top Secret is a documentary adventure video game about “T” who wants to know, what her father did for the Danish intelligence during the Cold War and thus who she is herself. Cosmic Top Secret is developed with a premise that story and gameplay can’t be separated. The mechanics are cotelling and the story is mechanised. In six levels the story progresses by finding fragments and flotsam from the Cold War and family archives, the character develops and so does controls. The visual universe is created of paper. The character crumbles into a paperball to move, which also symbolises a character, hiding and crumbling and not able to walk yet. In the different levels the emotional development as well as the physical are adjusted. In a moment when main character T realises that dad will not be with her all her life, she falls apart. And you will help her putting herself together again and pursue her quest.

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