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sono. tekstura (Justyna Maculewicz, Ewa Grela)
Interactive Sound Installation, 2015. Sensors, Speakers, Objects

The installation, A Woman Waiting, is on the poems of a great Polish writer, Maria Pawlikowska- Jasnorzewska. We want to refer to the topic of love. Give people an intimate space, where from the fragments of love soundscape they will build their own esoteric love story. Their story will depend on their interpretation of sounds and space in which the sounds are enclosed. The poems will serve as guides.

Our guests will have a chance to explore a whole new world, which is a mixture of our interpretation of the poems and experience. And by being open and creative they will build their own story with memories and desires at the back of their heads. The installation exposes natural curiosity of a person, who wants to discover all the secrets hidden in the exploration space given to him or her. With the minimalistic visual design we want to stimulate auditory imagination and motivate our guests to construct their own visual story in their minds.

In this installation, the artists are searching for a path to reach the receivers by sonification of their perception. By letting for one–person or two–person exploration of the installation we build an intimate situation where the authors imaginations meet their guests imaginations.

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