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Anilasophy, Henrik Schønau-Fog, Aalborg University Medialogy students, 2015 Physical Interactive Installation

The concept of the The StoryCube interactive installation is based on participants’ ability to move around in a space containing 199 suspended “StoryCubes”. The StoryCube space may be explored at will, and the StoryCubes may be investigated in all three dimensions as they are encountered through sight and touch. The StoryCubes are Aalborg University Medialogy students’ work from 2012 and 2013 from Aalborg and Copenhagen Campuses. Every single cube is an art object in itself, which through its six sides communicates a story, an emotion, or a concept. All Story-Cubes thus represent experience fragments with their six pictures. When the cubes/fragments are experienced in a variety of sequences based on each individual participant’s navigation in the space, time of encounter and the interaction with the cubes through touch, the exploration of the StoryCubes may become a foundation of an associative play to construct personal emergent stories. The challenge of this experience is for participants to construct a story based on the encounter and interaction with the individual StoryCubes. When participants feel that they are finished with exploration of the StoryCube space, they may describe their individual constructed stories on their own mobile device or on a laptop next to the StoryCube space. These stories will then be projected back to the space’s walls and onto the StoryCubes themselves. This way the whole installation will become an interactive media in itself with fragments of input and output, action, feedback and perhaps even feedback loops of projected stories and StoryCubes (where participants may be inspired to search for StoryCubes that were the inspiration for the projected stories).

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