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Mara Dionisio, Paulo Bala, Rui Trindade, Valentina Nisi, Time’s Up
Interactive Installation, Mobile Application, 2014

Lucid Dream Scope is the interactive, stand alone, self-contained portion of a bigger Art installation named Lucid Peninsula.

The Lucid Peninsula art piece is a special physical environment designed to immerse participants in a dreamlike, post-apocalyptic story world and experience it in its possible physical form. The goal of the installation is to offer a means for people to experience the lucid peninsula as a possible future, by bringing to life a story world the audience can interact with, reflect on, and interrogate with questions such as: Could I live in this world? Could this really happen? How would I adapt? The Lucid Dream Scope in particular was created to view this world and catch the dream and memory fragments of its past and present inhabitants. The Dream Scope aloud the audience to peak in to the dry and hostile nature of the Lucid Peninsula, but also point out to the locations where dream fragments are still lingering on. The Dream Scope is composed of two different tools, the Viewer and the Catcher. On one side with the Dream Viewer users will be able to see the world outside, its settings, nature and architectural layout (or what remains of it). The viewer also reveals information relating to the air quality out there in the Lucid Peninsula open space, presence of plant and other life forms. Moreover the Dream viewer will highlight the locations of where dream activity is present. On the other side the audience will be able to use the Dream Catcher and “catch” the dreams of the inhabitants of the peninsula, by capturing specific markers that are displaced through the surrounding space.

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