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Elizabeth Goins, Students and Faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology
Interactive Game, 2015. Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard on a PC.

The Garden is a digital interpretation of the ca. 1500 triptych. The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymus Bosch. The concept behind The Garden was not to simply recreate the painting in a virtual world. Instead, we set out to build a game that could act as a bridge connecting players to the time and culture in which the work was created. The game play and the visual style of the world were designed to express major themes of the painting.

The overall research goal was to develop a method of presenting ideas and historic narrative in a way free of the voice of authority so that players would engage with the ideas and create their own (guided) narrative. This method relies on “fracturing” the narrative and its themes and presenting them through fictional notes, historic texts, dialogue, game play/mechanics and art.
Full Game download:

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