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Karleen Groupierre
Interactive and Immersive Art Installation, 2015 Speakers, dark Room

Blue Behold is an interactive and immersive art installation.The spectator walks into a space where his eyes become a way to interact.

Created in partnership with the compagny Suricog, Blue Behold is using a new generation of eye tracking glasses (design by Suricog, winners of the Price Startup Winners Laval Virtual 2014) which are very light and wireless. The glasses are not available for private uses, they are a new prototype used only with Blue Behold for now. Suricog’s glasses allows to detect in real time the exact 3D position (2mm precision) of the spot where the user is looking at. Using this fantastic technology Blue Behold offers a world between reality and virtuality, where your eyes are the only way to interact and explore the fiction.

The music, composed by the talented Spanish musician Esther García González, envelopes you in magical atmosphere, and sound effects are also generated by your glances.

When the user goes inside Blue Behold he can see in front of him an oniric, imaginary world both real and virtual. Indeed, there is a real model house, trees, real lights and tissues, but all colors and animated elements (characters, owners, tools, smokes, etc.) are a projection on the model. This whole world reacts to the way you look at it, a simple glance in this world can change everything, as if you were a divine being looking at an other Earth.

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